Why use Skirting Boards?

1. Introduction

If you are designing your house then skirting boards might be the first thing that comes to your mind. They could give the look you might be imagining in your mind. The skirting boards are best when they are cut using an oscillating saw which will be fitted with a hard – metal circular blade. If you are looking for perfection then keep in mind that the skirting boards being used are an exact fit for the place and have the cabling in them. Then only they could be how you want them to be.

2. Joining the boards

The boards used for skirting should have miter joints when joining the corners. Apart from these joints, they could also be assembled using longitudinal joints. Further, they could also be bent or folded at 90 degrees so that they have adhesive edgings.

3. Points to keep in mind

The skirting boards come with the fixing methods. And if there are any gaps or loophole left in fitting there are clips present that could help in joining them. Always try and fix the board at an angle of 8 degrees, so that the boards fit perfectly with the floor. To obtain best results a good method could be to use a small plank of wood to push the board down with the weight.

4. Cabling

There are loopholes in the planks to adjust the electrical cables behind it. It helps in removing the unevenness of the wall if present. These skirting boards could protect the wires and wall from any mechanical damages if seen.

These skirting boards could be all you need to avoid the haphazard arrangement of wires in the house. These skirting boards could give the desired look when all you aspire is excellence. They could fit in any kind of décor and make the home look enchanting.